The project

SHERPA DO MAR: Galicia-North of Portugal Euroregional Platform to promote competitiveness in the marine-maritime field through the promotion of technology-based companies.

The Sherpa do Mar project Sherpa do Mar is a project integrated in the INTERREG V-A Spain-Portugal cross-border cooperation Program (POCTEP) 2014-2020, 75% co-financed by ERDF funds.


The main objective of the project is to launch a cross-border network in the marine-maritime area of Galicia-North of Portugal to promote innovation in companies and boost the creation and consolidation of new knowledge-intensive business activities, promoting job creation and increased business competitiveness.

To achieve this, the following goals are set:

  • Creation of a cross-border ecosystem of innovative entrepreneurship in the marine-maritime context.

  • Creation of companies in the marine-maritime sector with high added value through the enhancement of technological-scientific synergies.

  • Improve the competitiveness of pre-existing companies by boosting innovation.

The execution period is from 06/01/2019 to 04/05/2022