• 120 Companies will receive a personalized diagnosis on their performance in innovation
  • 20 Companies will receive a specific itinerary to improve their R&D capabilities

Entrepreneurship projects

  • 24Entrepreneurship projects will be interviewed and evaluated by an expert in entrepreneurship and knowledge transfer
  • 12Entrepreneurship projects will be monitored and valued using the Sherpa Journeys methodology
  • 90business ideas will be identified and integrated in the Sherpa do Mar catalog of dissemination

Outreach and dissemination events

  • 2Workshops for the identification of entrepreneurship needs in the marine-maritime field of the Galicia-North of Portugal Euroregion
  • 3University-Business Meetings to promote the transfer of knowledge as a source of improvement in competitiveness
  • 2Conferences to disseminate the results of the Sherpa do Mar project