Within the framework of the Free Trade Zone Programs in support of entrepreneurship, innovation and internationalization, a monograph has been dedicated to the Sherpa do Mar project.

In this extensive report, the program coordinator, Andrea Ogando Vidal, explains how specialized advice is offered to the 12 knowledge-based initiatives that participate in the Sherpa Journeys program.

The monograph also includes an extensive report on the different knowledge-based entrepreneurship projects that are being supported.

The Vigo Free Trade Zone Consortium presented this Thursday the Ardán 2021 Competitiveness and Economic Report, which dedicates a monograph to the Sherpa do Mar project and its support program for high added value entrepreneurship "Sherpa Journeys".

This report, promoted by the Vigo Free Trade Zone Consortium and the University of Vigo, presents the Sherpa do Mar project as one of the instruments used to face the challenge of maintaining the level of innovation and promoting initiatives that respond to new needs . Sherpa do Mar arises from the collaboration between entities, giving rise to a consortium of Galician and Portuguese partners, to create a new cross-border network Galicia-North of Portugal and aimed at promoting technology-based companies in the marine-maritime field.

In this extensive report, the program coordinator, Andrea Ogando Vidal (University of Vigo), explains how this initiative, born under the smart growth approach, offers specialized advice to the 12 knowledge-based initiatives that participate in the Sherpa Journeys program and that value the capacity for innovation in this area. Also how to improve the ability to generate new technology-based business projects through collaboration between universities, knowledge centers and the business sector; and improve the productivity of existing companies through diagnosis and specialized advice on innovation.

The ARDÁN report also includes an individualized report for each of the twelve entrepreneurship projects that are receiving high-level scientific-technical advice.

About Sherpa do Mar


Sherpa do Mar is a project integrated in the INTERREG VA Spain-Portugal Cross-Border Cooperation Program (POCTEP) 2014-2020, co-financed 75% by ERDF funds, whose purpose is to launch a cross-border network of entrepreneurship in the marine-maritime field and blue economy, through the Sherpa Journeys program, which favors job creation and increased business competitiveness through the promotion of technology-based companies.

The project is led by the University of Vigo, through the REDE research group, Campus do Mar and the R&D Office, and has the participation of the Vigo Free Zone Consortium, the Galician Innovation Agency (GAIN) and the universities of Santiago and A Coruña. On the part of Portugal it has the participation of the Asprela Technology Transfer Association (UPTEC), UPorto-Innovação of the University of Porto (UPIN), the Interdisciplinary Center for Marine and Environmental Research (CIIMAR) and the Fórum Oceano-Associação da Economia do Mar.