Workshop "Challenges of entrepreneurship in the marine-maritime field in the Galicia-North of Portugal Euroregion" (I)




The University of Vigo will host on November 28, 2019, a working seminar of the European project Sherpa do Mar, which is coordinated by this academic institution.

The working day will be focused on discussing the needs of the marine-maritime sector in the field of entrepreneurship based on the results of the Diagnosis of the marine-maritime sector of the Galicia-North Portugal Euroregion, which will be presented during the seminar .

The diagnosis will offer a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the general context of entrepreneurship in the marine-maritime sector of Galicia and the North of Portugal, which will facilitate the identification of business opportunities associated, especially, to the technology sector.


10h00 Opening ceremony

The conference is presented by: Daniel Rey (Director of Campus do Mar), Belén Rubio (Vice-rector for Research) and Xosé H. Vázquez (Coordinator of the REDE research group at the University of Vigo).

10h10 Presentation of the Sherpa do Mar project

Research Group REDE, coordinators of the Sherpa do Mar project

10h20 Presentation of the Diagnosis of the marine-maritime sector of the Galicia-North of Portugal Euroregion

SPI Consultant

10h40 Presentation of the Campus do Mar Entrepreneurship Initiatives Report

University of Vigo

10h50 Group dynamic

Based on the data from the Diagnosis presented regarding the marine-maritime sector and entrepreneurship initiatives, a debate will be opened to analyze the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Galicia.

12h15 Dynamic of concretion

From the contributions collected during the debate, a dynamic of concretion and prioritization of ideas will begin.

13h00 Closing of the seminar



Edificio Miralles, Sala Miralles I. Campus de Lagoas-Marcosende. Universidade de Vigo.

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